Writing news for the web

Writing for the web – it helps to have the right equipment

Writing for the web – it helps to have the right equipment

Adding content to a website on a regular basis is not just about writing any old stuff as we sometimes see on Facebook and Twitter. If you are a business, the content should be about your niche market and appeal to the people you want to attract as customers. It should also be focused on one aspect of the business.

If the new webpage of content is about, say, ‘writing for the web’, stick to the topic. Adding content on that page that is about other things will do you no favours in terms of search engine optimisation.

Google searching robots become confused if they can’t get a handle on what the webpage is about. And your audience will probably turn off too.

A ‘news’ section on your website is good for business

Having a news section on your website allows you to highlight aspects of your business, write about special deals, talk about new products and services and give your clients the latest industry news. Websites that are current and have content added regularly are perceived as influential. Companies that have dynamic websites are perceived themselves as dynamic companies of influence.

While you focus on business, we can write content for your website

Bold Type writes news updates and other web content for our clients. While Bold-Type websites are easy to use (add and modify content), some clients want to focus on what they do best – manage their business – so they outsource the writing and editing to us. Regularly added new web content improves the website and helps improve the site’s search engine rankings. This means more visitors and more potential clients coming from the Internet.

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