Why is a successful website like a shark?

Websites that are in continuous motion stay alive – the same is true of sharks

Websites that are in continuous motion stay alive – the same is true of sharks

A website is a bit like a shark, it has to keep moving to stay alive!

Businesses that are serious about their website working for them to increase business realize that they need their website to be dynamic rather than static.

By dynamic, we mean that you have to keep working on your website, posting new information and news about your product or service.

Getting a website built and letting it ‘sit’ hoping to get potential customers doesn’t cut it. Such websites will surely die. Smart business operators keep their websites alive by posting the right type of information that registers with search engines and helps potential customers find their websites and not the competition.

An example of a website in continuous motion

Captivations, a custom sports uniform and accessory business in Australia, is a company that wants their website to work for them 24/7 and to deliver results.

Since Bold Type built their website in 2010, Captivations has more than quadrupled the visits to their website which has reflected in a dramatic increase in business.

During and directly after the build, the owner, Ben Beard, decided he wanted to know how search engine optimization works and, with the help of the Bold Type team, we now work together to get the best SEO results for the Captivations website.

And because Ben wants to work on his business, he has commissioned Bold Type to write online content: news for the website, enewsletters and content for social media networks and key online directories.

How does SEO translate to increased business?

Captivations comes up no 1 position on page one of Google for the world

Captivations comes up no 1 position on page one of Google for the world. Click to enlarge image.

Recently on a trip to Canada, key words ‘netball uniforms and bodysuits’ was searched on Google worldwide – yes, that’s worldwide competition!

Captivations came up sixth on page one of Google for the world. For ‘netball bodysuits’ they came up no. 1 position on page one of Google – yes, no. 1, page one Google.

Not only is their SEO strong in Australia, Captivations is ranking highly around the world. That’s good news for the expansion of their business and for overseas customers who can now access a new source of netball uniforms.

Page one of Google is the goal

Being on page one of Google (and other search engines) means that your website gets visited and not your competitors who may not even make the first ten pages of search results.

To get great SEO, you need to think of the shark – in continuous movement, being dynamic and staying alive.

A website needs to keep evolving to stay on top of the competition

If we use Captivations again as an example, they think about and implement improvements to their website – all the time! The company regularly updates the homepage, revises content, and adds new pages. Recently they added ‘example design’ pages for custom netball uniforms to enable visitors to see what they can expect when ordering. The plan is to roll the ‘design example’ feature out across their range of custom sportswear for other sporting codes.

Not only do their visitors benefit from seeing what they get when ordering, but search engines can see that this business is one that means business – and the website continually ranks highly when people search for their products.

Make your website like a shark

You need to devote time to your website every week. A website needs to interact with clients so you need to create a dialogue and keep it going. News pages about your products, the industry and related fields helps keep your customers informed. Customers also need to speak to you so having well positioned contact forms, contact telephone numbers and feedback loops is important.

Making sure that your website continues to grow and deliver information is a significant part of having a very successful website. Design, easy navigation around the website, simple coding behind the scenes are other issues that we will address in the future.

Bold Type is proud to work with the Captivations team to get such great results for their business. We can do the same for your business. Contact us today.

Keep moving and stay alive!