Why dynamic websites work for our clients

Dynamic websites are good for SEO

Dynamic websites are good for SEO

Firstly, dynamic websites are those websites that are connected a database or data source and changes to the database change what is shown on the dynamic pages. There are many open source web applications that are free, extremely functional and search engine friendly as a result of the many, many web developers who contribute to the source code – and they are extremely easy to use.

The main difference between a dynamic website and a static website is that a dynamic website is much easier to maintain as it has only a few template pages and a database to update rather than having to manually update pages and links on each static page affected by loading additional web content and links on a static website.

This is a primary benefit of an open source website application ie. dynamic website development. The admin console of an open source content management system (CMS) is so easy to use that people can manage their own websites without the need to understand HTML or other IT-speak language. If you can send an email, purchase a product online, add a comment to a web forum or just simply type a letter on your computer, you have all the skills you need to maintain a dynamic website after it has been configured for the business’ needs.

Dynamic websites are also search engine friendly. These days dynamically generated websites are easily indexed by search engines. Using search engine friendly urls is also a bonus for SEO. Google spider searches can find dynamic websites and new content that you have added more quickly and easily thus helping to keep your website content alive and active and your website search engine friendly.

Another bonus is that dynamic website applications allow your website to be built the way that you want. Once you have your website designed to suit your business needs, it can be ‘skinned’ onto your open source dynamic web application. Add keyword rich content, and your website is up and running.

As your business expands or your website needs change, dynamic websites allow you to add extentions or ‘plugins’ very easily. Not sure what a plugin is? Check Wikipedia’s definition [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plugins].

Dynamic websites can have standard content pages, image galleries featuring products, shopping carts, contact forms, search features, directories, forums, blogs and many more web pages that can enhance your visitor experience.

Best of all, because there are many free open source web applications available, the cost of putting together a well-designed dynamic website is reasonable and accessible for small to medium sized businesses. And because dynamic websites can be easily managed, ongoing maintenance costs are either non-existent or minimal.

Let Bold Type web development professionals help you to build your business website. By enlisting our website content writers and editors, web designers and web developers, you will get a dynamic website that will look great and work for you to drive traffic and new customers.

We at Bold Type pride ourselves on building fully-operational, search engine friendly dynamic websites at affordable prices.

Contact Sue at Bold Type today for an appraisal of your existing website or a quote to build a dynamic website that will be your best marketing tool working for you 24/7.

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