What’s great about the iPad 2 for my business?

The iPad 2 can take your business everywhere

The iPad 2 can take your business everywhere

What I love most about the iPad 2 is that it ‘connects’ to my G4 iPhone when I am not in a Wi-Fi zone. My iPhone effectively becomes the modem for my iPad 2. This means when I’m away on a business trip, all the motels and hotels that want to charge me for a wi-fi connection can forget it!*

I don’t hear a lot about tethering between my iPhone and iPad – but it works, it’s fast and it saves money as I only need to pay for one 3G connection to an Internet provider.

With my iPhone as modem, my iPad 2 is a perfect business tool. I can read and respond to emails and connect to the Internet wherever I am. In my business – building websites and online web writing and editing – I’m often presenting to clients and showing them examples of my latest work and how managing a website’s content can attract more visitors and sales.

The iPad 2 is extremely portable

It is so light and compact that it can fit into my handbag and with a 10-hour battery capacity, I don’t have to worry about carrying leads and recharging.

The portability of the iPad 2 means that I don’t have to lugg around my laptop (admittedly light enough itself) but still bulky and heavy if you are out of the office for a whole day.

It’s portability means that whether I am in a restaurant, on public transport or in the reception area of a client’s office, I can be working on my i Pad – and anything that helps me multi-task and save time for leisure is a real bonus.

I can use my iPad 2 for business presentations

For business presentations, the iPad 2 is gold!

Showing presentations in large-screen mode is easy and the resolution is brilliant – literally.

With the Apple Digital AV Adapter, I can plug my iPad into any computer monitor, TV or digital projector with an HDMI-compatible display to show presentations in large-screen mode. Whatever is on my iPad is mirrored on the big screen. Hey, presto, it works.

And what’s more, the iPad 2’s fast processor and improved graphics system provides 1080 pixel high definition which is ideal for high-quality business presentations.

Take photos to save time

Taking photos of things that are useful for my business saves a huge amount of time.

The new iPad 2 has two inbuilt cameras – not one but two! If only I could remember that taking a photo of a subject is easier and more accurate than taking notes. For example, reading an article in a newspaper that is significant to my business. Now, I simply take a photo of the text for future reference. And if I want to print the image, the iPad does that wirelessly and easily to any printer I nominate.

Reading business reports in iBooks

I’ve started keeping relevant pdfs in my iBooks library so that I can brush up on info at any time. I love the iBooks system that allows me to create my own categories within my iBook library. I can add my own pdfs too. And I can highlight text, make notes on the side too.

And more things too …

This is just the start. I’m finding more ways each day to use my iPad 2 to enhance my business. For example,

with the camera and applications such as WorldCard Mobile you can take pictures of business cards and the iPad converts the text and imports it into your contacts database. In addition, expenses software such as iXspensIt can take pictures of your expenses receipts for proof of the business expense – this app works on iPhones and on the iPad 2.

The loveliness of the iPad 2 goes on and on.

* BTW, in North America even the three-star motels provide FREE Internet connection. What’s wrong with Aussie motels and hotels?