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Give us a call on 0410 037 635 or send an email from our Contact page

Give us a call on 0410 037 635 or send an email from our Contact page

There is a vast difference between just getting a website and getting a website that works to bring in clients and improve your business.

Why Bold Type websites work for you

Bold Type is managed by an experienced publisher and editor with 25 years experience in the publishing world working with language, images and content creating books, educational textbooks and learning guides and websites for businesses. In contrast, many web development companies are run by IT people who can build systems but have no experience writing the ‘right’ content for their systems.

The structure of the text, the wording of every text element on a page and across your website creates the appeal to your visitors, and help Google index your pages – it is this that really makes a website work to your best advantage.

Content really is king

When it comes to getting a website that works, it is content, content, content. Ask any of our clients why their websites are working and they will say that they get seen by their target audiences. Why do their websites get seen? It’s because the content is written to make sure that each webpage ranks highly with Google and other search engines.

It's vital to get the content right for your website to be truly successful

It’s vital to get the content right for your website to be truly successful

Important too is the architecture of the website: how each webpage relates to all others – making sure:

  • that all the webpages collectively tell the story of the business and help visitors find the information that they want easily
  • that all page titles are consistent wherever they are mentioned on the website
  • that there is no duplicate text or duplicate webpages (extremely important)
  • that all pages and content are metatagged properly so that Google can ‘read’ your pages.

A common mistake on many websites is the lack of continuity between webpages and the webpage titles. From an editor’s point of view, getting the headings of any publication (written or online) accurate and consistent is fundamental to readability and comprehension.

Here’s an example of inconsistent heading usage:

  • Paris, City of Light
  • City of Light
  • Paris, the city of light
  • Paris is the City of Light

If the actual title is Paris is the city of light, then if that page title is mentioned anywhere on the website, it should be written exactly the same. As you can see in the example, not only do the words not match, but the capitalisation and punctuation varies. The effect on the reader is confusion and a subliminal mistrust of the text (and therefore of the website or publication).

The point of difference between most website developers and Bold Type is that we are professionals when it comes to content – it’s the content that builds trust with your web visitors, and it is trust that converts your web visitors into customers.

Add to that our ability to write strong SEO content and to make sure that all metatagging of content is to W3C standards (worldwide Internet standards) and it makes sense to ask Bold Type to provide a quote to build or revamp your new website.

BTW, we have experienced web developers with post-graduate degrees in computer science and software engineering plus extensive experience building WordPress websites. We can create the right content and we have the IT credentials to make your website work.

Note about WordPress
WordPress is the platform we use for building websites because it is easy to use, it’s free, and it’s credible – it’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world and by hundreds of thousands of small companies too.

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Looking for a web developer?

Do you want to find a professional, low-cost web developer with loads of experience? While Bold Type no longer builds websites (we now focus solely on writing and editing content for print and online), we can recommend a web developer for you free of charge. We would love to help you. Please email Bold Type if you want to find a web developer.