Thesis Editing and Proofreading

Hard copy markup of university thesis

Hard copy markup of university thesis

Editing or proofreading a thesis or an academic paper requires a number of specific tasks that are not required when editing other types of documents.

When editing academic papers or any serious research document that has references, footnotes and citations, an editor needs to:

  • check that all the works cited in the paper are referenced in the bibliography
  • check that the bibliography entries are written and punctuated to the same style throughout
  • check the cross-referencing of material
  • ensure that the thesis or paper meets the university style for thesis presentation
  • make corrections that can lift the paper to a higher grade.

Having a clear understanding of university conventions and styles for writing is a clear advantage. Susie Stevens has experience writing academic papers – she has a PhD from Sydney University – and editing theses and academic writing as a professional editor.


Why have your thesis professionally edited or proofread?

A polished, mistake-free thesis set to the university style for citations and layout will get a higher mark than a poorly presented thesis with lots of spelling and punctuation errors – this is a fact.

You have spent time in getting the text in your thesis right so it makes sense to give it the best chance of a high mark by having it professionally edited and/or proofread.

What you get with your edit or proofread

With over 25 years in the publishing and editing business in Australia, Susie Stevens will provide a professional edit of your thesis. Susie has a PhD from Sydney University and understands what is required for professional academic papers.

With Susie editing your thesis, you will get:

  • the work edited on-screen or as a hard-copy with proofreader markups
  • the work completed to your university’s style guides and Australian publishing standards
  • a style sheet specific to the thesis listing correct spelling, punctuation and other typographical issues.

How much does it cost to edit a thesis?

The cost of an edit or proofread of a thesis is based on the actual word count: not just the number of words in the thesis but all the additional words in footnotes, in text tables, table of contents, bibliography and other supplementary content. Depending on the writing and layout consistency, allow between four to six pages for editing per hour and about six pages an hour for proofreading per hour.

Contact Susie Stevens at Bold Type for an obligation free quote for editing and/or proofreading your thesis. Call Susie on her mobile 0410 037 635 or email your details and thesis to Susie. A copy of your thesis will be required for the quote. All communications are confidential.

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