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Why is a successful website like a shark?

A website is a bit like a shark, it has to keep moving to stay alive! Businesses that are serious about their website working for them to increase business realize that they need their website to be dynamic rather than static. By dynamic, we mean that you have to keep working on your website, posting

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New Year’s Resolution: get your website on page one of Google

It’s nearly 2011. Forget all the new year’s resolutions that you’ll make and break – it’s time to make the decision to do whatever it takes to make your website work at its maximum potential and earn you more money. To do that you need to aim for page one for Google searches for the

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Why do I need to have links on my website?

This is a question that is often asked and the answer is clear: if you want your website to be visited by as many people as possible interested in your product, links are vital to your overall search engine optimization strategy. Statistics on the advantages of having a links program Statistics show that the more

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