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How easy is it to move a website from one CMS to another?

The latest website built by the Bold Type team was in fact taking an existing website from one content management system (CMS) to another. We moved Linda Magson Counselling from Joomla to WordPress. In effect, it was a rebuild. Moving files across was not an option as Linda wanted to improve her search engine optimization,

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SEO Tips for Web Content Writers

Writing great content for a website starts with what you write on each webpage. Before you start writing for the web Go to Google Keyword Tool and search different keywords that relate to the information on the webpage you are writing. For this article, I searched: keyword content SEO relevant SEO web content From this

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Why do I need to have links on my website?

This is a question that is often asked and the answer is clear: if you want your website to be visited by as many people as possible interested in your product, links are vital to your overall search engine optimization strategy. Statistics on the advantages of having a links program Statistics show that the more

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