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A professional edit can make writing sparkle

A professional edit can make writing sparkle

It’s true that content is king, and it is also true that unstructured content is death.

Think of editing as the process of taking an uncut diamond and turning it into the sparkling gem that will be the centrepiece of a beautiful ring.

The difference between an unedited piece of writing and the final version made ready for publishing can be enormous!

A well-structured piece of writing – be it on a page or a computer screen – will have a logical flow and an emerging narrative that will keep the reader’s attention. Poorly structured writing will turn readers off!

If we can engage our readers and keep their attention, we can establish a following who will recommend us to friends and other business colleagues. This is why a professional with expertise in structural editing can help you create a seamless framework which allows you to deliver your content in a way that will truly connect with your audience.

Conforming to established publishing standards works wonders, especially when preparing material for the web. A thorough understanding of web standards can really lift your all-important search engine optimisation (SEO).

‘I love working with writers and helping them make their writing sparkle. Sometimes, only minor structural changes are needed. If there are larger issues, I develop a revised structure of the text and discuss the issues with the writer. This process allows the writer’s message to shine through,’ says Sue Stevens, Managing Editor of Bold Type.

Editing is not an expensive exercise. Standard editing rates in Australia are around $70 to $90 per hour for an experienced, accredited editor.

Transform your manuscript, web-based content, corporate publication, article or academic submission. Email Sue Stevens today for a quote or call 0410 037 635.

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