Some cookbooks I have edited

Five cookbooks edited by Susie Stevens

Just a few of the beautiful cookbooks I have the pleasure of editing for New Holland Publishers

Over the past few years my contract editing work at New Holland Publishers has seen me working as a project editor on many different non-fiction genres including cookbooks. What a delight. I get to work with some of the best chefs in Australia, such as Frank Shek from China Doll restaurant in Woolloomooloo Sydney, Anna Lisle, a lifestyle journalist and passionate cook, and Rena Patton who has written many best-selling books about cooking with superfoods.

When working on a cookbook, I often find recipes which I simply must try at home – they’ve all been a great success (so my friends say). I also get to work with some excellent designers, including Lorena Susak and Andrew Quinlan.

Cookbooks that appeal to every home cook

Here are a few cookbooks that I have worked on as project editor.

Double page internal design of Frank Shek's cookbook. Design by Lorena Susak

Double page internal design of Frank Shek’s cookbook, China Doll. Design by Lorena Susak

Frank Shek’s China Doll (2016) is a cookbook of recipes for the modern Asian cuisine served in his restaurant. The recipes are stunningly presented and surprisingly easy to make. This truly is an excellent book that gives home cooks the ability to create restaurant-quality meals. Frank was a wonderful author to work with and the results are there for readers to enjoy.

Bowl&Fork (2015) was the first of Anna Lisle’s books on which I was project editor. Anna has a way of combining ingredients to create the most scrumptious and healthy food. I made her Falafel-spiced Chickpeas with Red Cabbage Nashi Pear Slaw and Lemon Tahini Dressing for friends – the flavours blended so beautifully that it was a raging success. It’s become one of my favourites for dinners at home and for picnics around Sydney’s glorious harbour.

Double page spread for chapter opener of Whole Food, Bowl Food cookbook by Anna Lisle. Design by Lorena Susak.

Double page spread for chapter opener of Whole Food, Bowl Food cookbook by Anna Lisle. Design by Lorena Susak.

Whole Food, Bowl Food (2016) was the second cookbook of Anna’s that I worked on. Again, another book with recipes that have a special twist that is uniquely Anna and totally delicious.

Rena Patton specialises in recipes that use superfoods – foods known to promote vitality and health such as quinoa in all its forms, chia seeds and cocoa (yes, chocolate is good for us). I love her Superfoods for Kids (2016) which is chock full of recipes that are super nutritious and loved by kids of all ages. We know. The recipes were tested on kids to make sure each got the tick of approval. Her latest book, Quinoa – Flakes Flour and Seeds, says it all. Quinoa is a seed rather than a grain which makes this book a must-have for those who are gluten or wheat intolerant. It’s paleo friendly and has some truly delicious recipes. I love this book. Even though I am not gluten or wheat intolerant, it has super delicious recipes that appeal to everyone.

As a non-fiction publisher, New Holland produces books which cover every subject you can imagine. I have worked on a book with many previously unpublished images of Michael Hutchence (INXS), Michael in Pictures (2015), a book on the history of the academy awards, The Classics: The Greatest Films of the 20th Century (2016) and a tell-all book about what it is like to work in a morgue, True Stories from The Morgue (2017).

Fascinating stuff!

You can find the books in your local bookstore (ask them to order a copy/copies if not in stock) or search for them online. If you need an editor for a book, or an academic paper, or even a business document that needs to be error free, please contact Susie Stevens by email or text or call 0410037635.