Six things I learned at the Internet Show at Darling Harbour today

What's new in Internetland? Plenty!

What’s new in Internetland? Plenty!

It’s worthwhile making the effort to go to conferences particularly if the speakers are giving you the latest, greatest information and not just selling their wares.

The Internet Show today had some very good speakers willing to part with their knowledge. We’re all learning just some are at different stages of the learning curve – nothing is static or not for long in Internetland.

Here are some of the memorable things I learned at the Internet Show – at Darling Harbour, Sydney, 27 October 2011.

  1. Mobile is predicted to outstrip computers for searching the Internet in 2013. Australian businesses are slow to take up mobile technology for websites, but it’s going to be essential.
  2. Optimized mobile or iPad versions of a website can reduce the bounce rate dramatically. 
  3. Twitter can be used more effectively than I thought. At the seminar on ‘unleashing the power of social media’, the presenter was speaking to 60 people but he had 36000 tweets about it during his 45-minute presentation.
  4. Whatever we do, the end goal is to get people to take the action we want them to take. To do this we need to build trust on our websites: customer ratings and recommendations are believed by 90% of web users. Get ratings and recommendations features on our websites!
  5. People love good video content that informs, educates, entertains, explains, is interesting and succinct – it improves a website ranking on Google, is good for adding to social media pages, and people love it.
  6. Free shipping of goods is one of the best incentives to give to people buying on the Internet.

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