Seven great strategies to turn your website into a money-making machine

1. Stand out from your competitors

Web_working_out_of_box_1105622_70305786A good website helps, helps then sells. People want to trust your business. By giving them information, by making it easy to navigate and by explaining your points of difference from your competitors, you will get the business.

What are your most profitable lines? Create specific webpages about these products or services. Include genuine testimonials from real customers who love your work.

If you have good SEO (search engine optimization) working on every webpage, many visitors will come in on any number of your pages, however, your homepage is important too.

Is the message on your homepage selling your points of difference, why you are the best? The message might change over time which is why having a dynamic website with a content management system is important. It allows you to change your message (and other content) as you wish.

A website is like a shark – it needs to be constantly on the move to stay alive. Keep your message relevant and remember, help, help, sell wins the day!

And make sure you have excellent SEO working for you. If you can’t be found, you won’t get the business. It’s that simple.

2. How easy is it for web visitors to navigate your website?

Three clicks and you’re there. That’s the max. Does your website pass the test?

If you have lots of products in different categories (and many businesses do), list product or service types in these category names that mean something to your clients. List the products under these categories, again in product names that make sense to the web visitor – your potential clients. Whether you are a one product business or have 100s, make sure your website tells your visitors what they are looking for.

3. You need a call to action

What is it you want your customers or potential customers to do? Do you want them to ring you for a quote? Do you want them to ‘buy now’ if you have an ecommerce website?

Moble_Telephone_SXC_HU_1114928_54146305A clear call to action can work by directing your potential clients to act. Every page needs a call to action. Does your website have this? If it doesn’t, it needs a revamp.

4. Can web visitors easily contact you?

In the iPhone era with unlimited call packages for mobile phones, people want to call and speak to someone – preferably a real person.

How easy is it for you to find your telephone number on your own website? Do the test from a potential customer’s point of view. Imagine you are a potential customer, you like what you see and you want to contact the business right now.

So where is your telephone number on your website? The key position is the top right banner for every webpage. This is the perfect position but don’t let that stop you putting it everywhere else too. In the footer, on pages where people will read about or see what they want. Make it easy for people to call you straight away.

Include a Contact Us link. Having a ‘contact us’ link to a contact form is also good as some people (like me) want to leave a message and let the company get back to me. But it is proven that talking with a potential customer can make all the difference between you getting the work or your competition.

But wait, there’s more …

Special offers such as ‘buy one get one free’, ‘bonus package with every sale’ – they work. Make sure your special offers are accessible. Using the middle of the top banner (so it appears on every page) is a great position. Offering a ‘free quote’ or some other special offer can get you that important lead.

Every webpage should work to sell your service or product. Linking pages within your website is one way to help web visitors to browse and investigate why you’re better than all the others.

 Image of blue background with text including the word, design

Internal links provide ways for your potential customers to stay on your website and find what they want. Then they will call because they can find your telephone number easily. See no. 4.

Does the web design suit your business?

A very sophisticated web design will work for a very sophisticated business. A funky Newtown hairdresser will want something completely different. A lunchtime café and takeaway needs a completely different design from a 5-star restaurant.

Getting the right design that suits your business is important. Great web design is about finding the right balance for each individual business. The design also plays a vital role in functionality. There is no point having a great looking website that no one can navigate. And if any web designer suggests using Flash, go somewhere else. It is so last century!

7. Choose Bold Type for your money-making website

Making great looking websites that work for our clients 24/7 is what we do best. Best of all, our clients can manage it. As one of our customers said:

I can’t believe this is so easy. I can add new products, take down out of date content, upload images – it’s amazing as I have no computer skills.
Read some of our testimonials from clients.

Yes, your business will make more money. We’ve had great success in building visitor numbers. One company had a 3000% increase in the first year. Yes, 3000 per cent! If you want your website to start working for you, call us now on 0410 037 635. Sue will take your call and organise a free quote. Or fill in our contact form (if you are like me and prefer to get on with business!).

Written by Sue Stevens, Principal of Bold Type