SEO – be seen on the Internet

Your website needs good SEO to get new customers from the Internet

If potential clients can’t find your business on the Internet, your website is not really working for you

It’s all about SEO – search engine optimization for your website. And it’s not rocket science. It does however require knowledge about how SEO works, how to maximize keywords on webpages, metatagging of pages and so forth.

It also helps if small to medium businesses set up their websites so that they can manage their own SEO. That’s what Bold Type can do for small business owners whose websites are not ranking highly on Google; websites that don’t have good SEO. We can improve business!

27000 page views and rising

One Bold Type client has blitzed the competition with his new Bold Type built website. From about 3000 page views a month (with their old website that we replaced), in 12 months they have gone to 27000 page views for the month of August and they’re expecting September to be higher again.

What has increased web visitors and page views?

Bold Type built the new website for this small business using WordPress, a content management system that allows anyone to keep their website up to date. It went live in August 2010 and immediately there was an increase in traffic to the website. Great metatagging and navigation, increased number of pages all helped. Not only new traffic but very targetted traffic so that business immediately picked up.

New product? No problem. It’s so easy to use that, if you can use type on a keyboard and hit ‘Publish’, then you can use this system. So the company, a small business, can post their own new products, change information as required and make sure that their website is completely up to date. Oh yes, and we supplied a manual on how to metatag new webpages and how to improve SEO.

Because the business is generating so much more new business, and because the owner realises the value of keeping the SEO going strongly, he contracts Bold Type to look after his monthly SEO management. For a minimal cost of around $1000, his business generates up to $30000 more – each month (than it did with the old website). Not only is our SEO management working to increase visitors, we are making sure that the right visitors – potential clients that turn into clients – are targetted. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that that’s got to be good for the business.

If you want your business to be more visible on the Internet, i.e. generate more business from your website, contact Sue Stevens at Bold Type.

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