Queensland floods

Bundaberg_Netball_Association grounds_in_January_2011_floods

The floods in Bundaberg cover the netball fields of the Bundaberg Netball Association

Our hearts go out to the people of Queensland who are enduring awful circumstances with the floods in that state.

Bold Type has donated $1000 to the Premiers Flood Appeal – the least we can do.

On the upside, it’s great to see the spirit of Queenslanders. Many who have escaped the worst of the flood are offering support to those whose businesses and homes have gone under.

The Premier, Anna Bligh, is a champion providing leadership in this worst crisis in a long time. She’s an inspiration as is Kevin Rudd whose electorate in Brisbane has been hit by the floods.

We posted the image above on the Captivations website. It was sent from Bundaberg Netball Association. Towns and cities from Rockhampton in the north, to Brisbane and Texas and Gundawindi on the New South Wales border have all been flooded.

Now New South Wales and Victoria are starting to flood in some towns.

It’s a testing time for all who are affected and we, at Bold Type, wish you all the best in getting through this time of devastation.