Manuscript Assessment and Development

Manuscript assessment and development

A professional editor can assess your manuscript and make all the difference before you print or publish

Manuscript Assessment and Development

Whether you have written a book for your own circle of friends and family, want to self-publish or make sure your manuscript is ready to send to a publishing house, a manuscript assessment by an experienced industry professional who can offer an objective opinion can make all the difference.

Susie Stevens has worked as a publisher, senior editor and project editor, in book publishing in particular. Working with authors is one of her specialties, helping them to structure and write the book for maximum impact.

Polish your manuscript ready for publication

A thorough assessment of your manuscript will help you make it the very best it can be. In some cases, minor alterations will be all you will need to do. In others, it may mean some rewriting of sections of the book or more.  Having friends and family ‘review’ your book can be very helpful; having an objective professional work with you to get it right is critical before you present your work to a publisher or printer if self publishing.

Better still, while the book is in the ideas stage, contact Susie to help you get it right before you start writing.

For more information, contact Susie on 0410 037 635. Call or text or contact Susie by email.