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sue_stevens1Writing and publishing Career FAQs books and developing online career news and views for the Career FAQs website, including Forget the workforce, create your own employment’ has lead Sue Stevens, recently retired Publisher at Career FAQs to take the plunge and start her own publishing support business.

As head of the publishing team at Career FAQs, Sue  produced 45 career books for the Australian market including Be Your Own Boss and Work From Home.

‘The stories in these books and on the Career FAQs website,, are truly inspiring.’ Sue said.

‘I have a strong entrepreneurial drive so making the change to running my own business and sharing my skills and knowledge with my clients is something I am looking forward to very much.’

Despite the economic climate or perhaps because of it, this can be an ideal time to take the plunge and start your own business. Evidence suggests that companies are contracting specialists where they may have previously had a full-time staff member. And if you can make a go of a business in these tough economic times, you know you are on a winner.

As publisher, Sue has managed the SEO enhancement of the Career FAQs website that ranks highly in key word Google searches and comes up on page one the world for many career key words. Over 90 per cent of visitors to the site come from search engine searches – the result of being on page one of Google. Over the past twelve months, Sue’s role has been to manage  the design and development of the latest iteration of the Career FAQs website that has a careers directory, a content-rich career resource centre and online bookstore as well as a Web 2.0 community section.

‘Online publishing is a terrific medium to work in. Getting the content right and getting on page one of Google for many key career words is something I am very proud of. It’s an area that I will be pursuing in my own business – helping other companies to improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)’ Sue said.

Sue’s business, Bold Type, provides online and print publishing solutions. Online content development and search engine optimisation are services that can help a business grow its online marketing. As a publishing professional with 20 years experience as and editor and publisher, Sue can help businesses manage their print publishing requirements.

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