Our new specialty website for our web design and development services

Our web publishing subsidiary website

Our new website that focuses on Bold Type's web publishing business

Our new website that focuses on Bold Type’s web publishing business

Bold Type has set up a ‘sister’ website that focuses on the web publishing aspect of our business.

Because we hail from Balmain in Sydney, it made sense to call this subsidiary website, Balmain Website Designs, although we do both design and development. We also help ‘design’ a complete web presence using directories, search engines, social media and email marketing systems.

Why businesses need a strong Internet presence

The Internet is a significant component of a business’s standing in the marketplace. To quote a successful business person, ‘a business that doesn’t have a website today is equivalent to going to a business meeting without a suit – you just don’t count’. And while some of the Google and Apple executives might disagree with the suit analogy, not having a website these days certainly stops a business from growing. Studies show that 90% of people who have access to the Internet use it to search for services and products they are looking for.

Making sure people can find your website

Importantly your website needs to be ‘findable’ and when found create a great first impression. It’s not good enough to ‘have a website’, it needs to have a contemporary look and work effectively with good SEO (search engine optimisation) that allows web browsers to find your business.

Balmain Website Designs – and Bold Type – can make sure your website is using the latest technology and the latest in web design to keep your website vibrant and successful. You can contact us via both Bold Type and Balmain Website Designs for a free appraisal of your Internet and website requirements.

Have a look at our new website, Balmain Website Designs.