Non-fiction book editing

Finding a professional non-fiction book editor just got a lot easier

Finding a professional non-fiction book editor just got a lot easier

Finding an experienced non-fiction book editor just got a lot easier.

Susie Stevens has worked in publishing for over 25 years and has extensive experience editing non-fiction and educational books.

One of the most important things a writer can do is to  find the right editor to help with the structural elements of the book: to make sure that the narrative flows effortless, that content is organised in a logical way and that the book is ‘readable’. For this type of editing, you need a substantive or developmental editor.

Established publishing houses know the value of having excellent developmental editors working on every book they publish. Self-publishing writers should also invest in the editing process: first the structural or developmental edit, review by the author; next comes the copy editing stage which addresses issues including spelling, grammar, punctuation, copyright issues and fact checking.

An experienced non-fiction editor can advise you on getting your ISBN, finding the right desktop publisher, proofreader and indexer.

Professional guidance and feedback from an experienced editor can make the difference if you are sending your manuscript to publishing houses. If you are self-publishing on Google or iBooks – the two most common platforms – it’s even more critical to make sure your book is polished, error free and readable.

I’ve been editing non-fiction books for over 25 years working as an in-house project editor, publisher of non-fiction trade books (when I hired freelance editors) and now as a freelance editor.

My experience includes educational publishing of text books and learning materials that needed to explain concepts clearly and accurately. In addition, I work on university-level journal articles and publications.

Am I the right editor for your non-fiction book?

A good working relationship between the editor and the writer is essential. For us to work together, we need to have the same commitment to quality, develop mutual trust and work together to make your book the very best it can be.

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