New Year’s Resolution: get your website on page one of Google

Bold Type wishes all our clients a successful and prosperous 2011

Bold Type wishes all our clients a successful and prosperous 2011

It’s nearly 2011. Forget all the new year’s resolutions that you’ll make and break – it’s time to make the decision to do whatever it takes to make your website work at its maximum potential and earn you more money. To do that you need to aim for page one for Google searches for the goods and/or services you provide.

However, getting to and staying on page one of Google is an ongoing process. Savvy website owners know this and continually add content and update information on their websites and on related Internet directories and social media sites.

There is no doubt that the Internet has had a great impact on people’s lives. It’s how people find things – and with mobile devices such as the iPhone 4 providing super fast access, it’s easier than ever.

Because of this shift from analogue (phone books) to digital searches on the Internet, the Internet has the potential to significantly improve the bottom line for small business owners. In fact, the Internet allows small businesses to compete with larger companies for a bigger slice of the Internet customer pie.

Your business needs to have a strong Internet presence

Business owners who are continually improving their websites are getting a huge advantage over their competitors with this new growth market: the Internet shopper.

But just as every successful business has always had to keep up with advertising and marketing trends, Internet savvy business owners are modifying their websites regularly so that their website is accessed by Internet shoppers over their competitors.

‘We quadrupled the number of targeted visitors to our website with Bold Type’s support. And our enquiry rate has gone up substantially as have orders that have come from our website enquiries.’
Ben Beard, Captivations

Make your website improvement your no. 1 new year’s eve resolution

Smart business owners update, reskin or rebuild their websites at least every five years – at the very least. And with CMS-built websites built using programs such as WordPress, it’s easy to continually update websites to ensure a high Google ranking.

An outdated website (or worse, no website at all) is not going to be effective in today’s Google-centric Internet world. A business’s website needs to be the centerpiece of their online presence which incorporates effective Internet marketing strategies including free (and paid) search engine optimization (SEO).

Bold Type build websites for small and medium businesses using WordPress – voted no. 1 open-source website content management system in 2009. We also consult on search engine optimization, write content and news items for your website, can improve your overall Internet performance and help manage your email marketing – all of which help make your business more profitable.

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