Make your website work for you


In today’s economic climate, when uncertainty reigns and many businesses find it hard to stay in business, making your website work for you is more important than ever. And if you haven’t got a website, seriously think about getting one now.

Getting a website that works for you is easier than you think.

You can get a great looking website that doesn’t cost the earth and is 100% managable by you.

That’s what we at Bold Type specialise in – well designed websites that are fully editable by you because we believe you should be in charge of your no. 1 marketing tool for the 21st century.

Why do you need a website – one that has a high search engine optimisation ranking?

The answer is that many people today use the web, and search engines in particular, to find what they are looking for.

The term ‘google it’ has become part of the vernacular and no wonder, as more people turn to Google and other search engines to find goods and services. Your website could be bringing in new clients while you sleep – but only if those clients can find you when they search.

Bold Type specialises in the design and development of websites with high-level search engine optimisation.

With a record of increasing web traffic for one company by 2500% over 12 months, Bold Type’s Sue Stevens says ‘it’s all about content’. We can help make sure your content is the right web content for your business.

How long will it take to get my new website?

Bold Type, can get a personalised website up and running within weeks. If you use one of our templates, we can get a website up sooner.

How much does it cost?

We have very minimalist websites (with three webpage templates) that are very reasonably priced. The greater the number of webpage templates, the more your website will cost, for example, ecommerce websites require many more templates. If you want a unique design for your website, the cost of a website designer needs to be factored. We work on hourly rates for our time and know how long it takes to build a website from scratch or transform an existing website. Importantly, we can work to your budget.

More than a website

Bold Type add-ons include a comprehensive manual on how to manage your website, a tutorial on how to edit, change and add pages to your website, Google Analytics so you can monitor your website, and a web writing and editing service if you want to get on with your business and let us add content for you.

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