Latest website development for Adelaide cafe

The latest website developed by Bold Type

The latest website developed by Bold Type

We’ve just finished working on our latest website for Do Duck Inn, a café and catering company in Adelaide.

This website uses a WordPress template that the client liked. By using a template as the basis of the website, the cost of web design is cut to zero. Bold Type work focused on building the wireframes with the new content written by our writers, finding the right images from photolibriaries and inhouse stock photos, adding the company’s branding and modifying the WordPress backend (admin) to suit the client’s needs.

We encountered some interesting problems in terms of web hosting and domain name redirection, but we sorted through the labyrinth and organised a simpler system for the client. We moved the hosting to Webcity which will save about $20.00 per month on web hosting. And because the business is an Australian business rather than global, we moved the website from the .com URL to

The client loves his new website and it’s working already to bring in new business. From two catering enquiries a day, he’s now getting between eight to ten consistently. That’s what we love to hear at Bold Type.

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