Incoming links are great for SEO

As the process of continually adding new content to your website is vital for improving your search engine optimisation (SEO), so too is having quality links from websites related to your industry – preferably websites that rank highly themselves.

One of the ways to encourage incoming links is to add a ‘Link to us’ page on your website to show how easy it is to create a link. Make it easy for the web person who will be putting the link on their website by adding some options of different image sizes with the code so that all they need to do is copy and paste the code in the appropriate place.

Here’s an example that we did for one of our clients, Captivations.

The image is coded with keywords specifically for netball clubs, organisations and businesses who want to tell their members or customers about Captivations for custom netball uniforms.

Link your logo or another image from a website

Having your logo on the website with the incoming link is easy. When a business adds the code below to their website, this is what appears:

Captivations – Custom Netball Uniforms

Looks great and a click on the image takes the person to the Captivations website. Because we used ‘custom netball uniforms’ and other keywords, Google can read the alt text and see that Captivations makes ‘custom netball uniforms’.

This is the code that the web person added to upload the image.

<a href=””><img title=”Captivations for Custom Netball Uniforms” src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Captivations – Custom Netball Uniforms” /></a>

What if a website only wants to link text from their webpage?

Not a problem. If a website prefers to link text, it is best to provide both the text you want linked and the HTML code as well.

This is what the link would look like on the website with the link to Captivations:

Captivations: for all your custom netball uniforms, netball bodysuits and dresses.

If the web person wants to copy the code, this is what they would use.

<a href=””>Captivations, for all your custom netball uniforms, netball bodysuits and dresses.</a>

Ask for incoming links in an email

Another way to get incoming links is to email targeted websites and simply request a link from their website. Reciprocal links, that is, both websites have links to each other is beneficial for both websites. Avoid programs that promise a world of links as Google will blacklist websites that they perceive as scamming the system.

Incoming links can make a huge difference for attracting new customers. Bold Type can help you to develop your link-building strategy. Contact Bold Type today.