How to create a tri-fold brochure

Side 1 of tri-fold brochure showing front, back, and internal folded page

The tri-fold brochure is ideal for presenting content about your business

Tri-fold brochures are a great way to sell your product or service. It’s the reason for the continued popularity of the tri-fold brochure, also known as a DL brochure.

The six-sided layout of the tri-fold brochure fully utilises the space on the standard A4 paper size effectively presenting information in bite-size pieces. The content is easy to read and images can be integrated so that the brochure presents well.

The first step is to divide the content into six sections representing each ‘page’.  You want people to be attracted to the front page first. Use images, making sure that your logo is prominent. Keep the text short and present a brief overview of what the brochure is all about.

The middle area of side one of the brochure becomes the back page. This is traditionally used to give contact details and a slogan or an image with slogan.

The internal folded page (on the left) is an important page because when the brochure is unfolded, this page sits on the right of the opened brochure. Use this page to broaden the message you want to convey.

Second side of the tri-fold brochure showing the layout in two columns of text

Set up of the second side of the tri-fold brochure can be set out in three columns or, as in this case, two columns are merged to create one larger area for content

The second side of the tri-fold brochure can be set up in the traditional three columns or, as shown in the image, into two columns, one of which is a double column.

Other considerations are to:

  • use lots of white space (space that is not text or images)
  • add bullet point lists for easy reading
  • write short, sharp paragraphs – text dense brochures are not condusive to easy reading
  • use one or two fonts at the most – more is not better when it comes to using fonts.

To help refine the text, modify layout and make sure there are no typographical or other errors, find an editor who has experience designing and developing business brochures.

This was the feedback from the client for whom we produced the pictured brochure.

Fantastic Susie, looks just marvelous.

If you want help with writing, editing or designing your tri-fold brochure, contact Susie Stevens by email or text/telephone 0410 037635.

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