How long to edit a thesis or academic paper?

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Each thesis, assignment or academic treatise is different.

To give an estimate of the time it takes to edit or proofread a thesis, freelance editor, Susie Stevens would need to view the work. This also allows Susie to make an assessment of what is required: edit or proofread. Find out the difference between editing and proofreading.

Even for a standard edit of a 5000-word assignment, the work needs to be scheduled so allow at least a two-day turnaround. Often additional time is needed to get feedback from the writer about sentence structure, missing citations and/or bibliographical details.

For an edit of a 100,000-word thesis, allow at least two weeks. Again, work needs to be scheduled so early planning helps. Ideally, factor in one month for the edit of a long thesis such as a Masters or PhD. During this time, the editor will send corrections to the writer for comment and approval.

Susie Stevens, with a PhD from Sydney University, understands university referencing and presentation of assignments and thesis. Combined with her experience working in Australian publishing as an editor and publisher for over 25 years, your work will be presented in the very best light for the best result.

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