How easy is it to move a website from one CMS to another?

A feature of Linda Magson's new website is the background image which is a part of the business' branding

A feature of Linda Magson’s new website is the background image which is a part of the business’ branding

The latest website built by the Bold Type team was in fact taking an existing website from one content management system (CMS) to another. We moved Linda Magson Counselling from Joomla to WordPress.

In effect, it was a rebuild. Moving files across was not an option as Linda wanted to improve her search engine optimization, add pages such as a blog and improve the navigation with a two-tier drop down menu (DDM).

Our first step was to modify the existing design that Linda wanted to maintain. With the redesign of the homepage, web visitors can access different webpages such as the latest blog posts, the three service areas: counselling, consulting and coaching. We also improved the top header including these key services to allow people to know immediately what services Linda provides.

We also included many features that radically improve search engine optimization: adding meta titles and meta tags on all pages, all-in-one SEO plug in and improving the structure of content on each page with highly-searched keywords.

The best part is that Linda finds it very easy to add content and to change content if she needs to. WordPress is a brilliant website platform that has an easy-to-use content management system.

Linda loves her new website and we know it will work for her to build her business – this, after all, is what an effective website is all about.

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