Five top tips for keeping a high SEO ranking on Google

Five top tips for getting more web users to find your business on Google

Five top tips for getting more web users to find your business on Google

1. Build and post web content regularly

Build content on your website and webpages that provides information to your target market. A site that continues to post more relevant information each month will continue to rank highly.

2. Make sure your content is well written and specific

Post well-written, specific content on each of your webpages. This will ensure that all your webpages have good content that help search engines to index your pages. It is likely that at least half of your NEW web visitors will come from search engines so ranking highly will help drive new business.

3. Link sub-level pages to higher-level web pages

Have links on your sub-level webpages back to the top level pages on your website. This means web users who find you because your sub-level pages have ranked highly will be able to navigate back to higher level pages. Good navigation will keep web visitors on your website longer. This is seen as very favourable by Google and other search engines.

4. Make sure the file name is correct when you create your content

Make sure you have an appropriate file name when you produce the page and avoid changing file names (URL for a webpage). If you change a file name for a webpage and links are coming in to the previously named page, web users will the 404 error page rather than the page on your website. Remember that many social networking sites, web directories and search engines will contain links to the original file name (not just homepage). You want web visitors to find your page easily.

5. Metatag your webpages correctly

Metatag your webpages to match the content and text you have on each page. Metatagging needs to reflect that webpage content. If you do this properly, the more likely web users are to find your website over your competitors.

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