Father, a book by Deborah Bedford

Father, by Deborah Bedford

Father, an inspiring, heart-warming story out of Kolkata, India

Recently I have been working with first-time author Deborah Bedford on her book, Father: the inspiring story of James Stevens (no relative) who has rescued thousands of the poorest children from the slums of Kolkata.

At a time when public discourse seems to focus on fear, anger and the dislike of any one who is different, Father is truly an inspiring story.

James Stevens set up Udayan, a home and a school for the poorest children in Kolkata – the sons and daughters of slum dwellers suffering from leprosy. His vision, passion and hard work have delivered extraordinary results. Many of the children who attended Udayan have gone on to live very productive and successful lives, something they could not have dreamed of when living in the slums of Kolkata.

The feedback from those who have purchased the book has been inspiring in itself. People are loving this very human story about one man who ventured far from home as a young man to help those less fortunate and who made a huge difference to thousands of lives.

Steve Waugh playing cricket with the children at Udayan in Kolkata, India. Steve Waugh Foundation, India a huge contributor to this worthy cause.

Steve Waugh playing cricket with the children at Udayan in Kolkata. Was he bowled out? You’ll have to read the book.

Deborah acknowledges the support of the many sponsors of Udayan including the Steve Waugh Foundation, India. Steve Waugh was enchanted by the children at Udayan and committed to funding many new developments.

Watch a video of the children celebrating their lives at Udayan.
Here’s one of the students singing about Udayan.

I was delighted to work with the author from manuscript stage through to printing.  In particular, my role was to work on manuscript development and provide advice on how to navigate the publishing process, including book size for the number of pages, stock for cover and internals and finding a printer in India at the right price.

Deborah has self-published through her new publishing company, Saffron & Gold Publishing. Why? Because she wants as much of the profit as possible to go to Udayan. Had she published through an established publisher, there would have been very little going to this very worthy cause. Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular as social media and websites such as Amazon provide exposure and direct access to buyers.

You can read about and buy the hard copy from the Saffron & Gold website for AU$19.50.

Want a Kindle version of the book? No problem.

Father by Deborah Bedford is on Amazon for only AU$6.00. It’s a wonderful read!