Educational editing experience

Every good student resource needs a good editor

As an accredited editor with 20 years experience in education resources and text book editing, Susie Stevens has worked across all the educational sectors: tertiary, business training and development programs, secondary school materials and primary resources.

University educational resources

My work at university encompasses my own university career and working for others in the university sector.

My own experience at university

In my undergraduate degree, received a mark average of distinction and awarded a Women’s Scholarship to complete my Honours program at Griffith University in Brisbane.

  • Received First Class Honours which enabled me to go on to do my doctorate
  • Competed my Doctor of Philosophy at Sydney University in 2004
  • Presented papers at various educational seminars during the time I was writing my PhD

In all these situations, I was able to bring my writing and editing experience to bear on all my own work with excellent results.

Working for others in the university sector

  • Editing distance educational materials for careers portal
  • Editing/proofreading academic papers and theses
  • Tutoring at Sydney University
  • Tutoring students on an individual basis with excellent results. For example, one of the students I tutored had only achieved passes; under my tuition she received her first high distinction
  • Editing academic articles for publication

Business educational resources

  • Editing training and learning resources for Real Estate Institute, Engineers Australia, IP Australia and other organisations
  • Structural and copy editing training resources development from print to online delivery for Engineers Australia
  • Reworking print publications for online delivery
  • Editing educational resources for IP Australia
  • Publishing 45 careers books for Career FAQs
  • Creating online templates of print career resources for and managing the process of transferring 45 careers books for uploading to the portal

Secondary education resources development

Production editor for many distance education learning materials: home tutor and student guides produced to the best quality, high level of comprehension, with no factual or typographical errors. Anecdotal story: in Queensland we heard of one home tutor who had poor literacy herself and improved her own ability to read and write while tutoring her home-schooled children.

Courses that I worked on as a secondary educational editor include:

  • Years 11/12 Economics, Business Management, Science, Mathematics, Modern History, Ancient History
  • Years 7–12 English courses: three-level English courses for Queensland Education; Music; Creative Arts; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education; Food Technology; Mathematics.
  • Worked for McGraw Hill on secondary text books, Education Queensland, NSW Department of Education and Training.

Primary School student resource production

My work developing educational resources for primary school children including producing student books, home tutor guides, resource books, CD Roms and videos.

Subject areas included:

  • Language across the curriculum
  • Year 1–3 Maths
  • Science.

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If you are looking for an editor who specialises in educational editing, call Susie Stevens on 0410 037 635 or email Susie.