EchoStars website

Homepage of the EchoStars website

Homepage of the EchoStars website

We at Bold Type are proud to announce that the EchoStars website is now up and running and accepting donations for their worthy cause. We’re delighted with the results of our first pro bono website build.

During 2010, Sue Stevens, Managing Director, decided that it was timely to donate a website each year to a worthy cause. As it happened, a mutual friend, Petina Alexander, brought about the meeting between Sue and Rose Figtree, founder of EchoStars.

There is no question that EchoStars is a worthy cause. Their goal, as stated on their website, is to ‘build a brighter future by supporting the education of underprivileged children one child at a time’. They are doing much more than that too with their other programs: Sewing for Sustainability program for the mothers of students and the building of a medical centre at the school for students, their families and the community.

This is all happening in the slums of Dhaka in Bangladesh where most children are forced into child labour, living conditions are appalling and public health an anathema.

It was a real pleasure working with Rose on the website. Like all Bold Type websites, it was built using WordPress content management system – the best in the world. This means that Rose can post content on her website herself and keep her website current with latest fundraising events and news about progress in Bangladesh.

If you are a charitable organisation and would like to be considered for a free website in 2011, please contact Sue Stevens via the Bold Type contact form.

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