Difference between dynamic and static websites

Successful websites that get lots of new traffic and visitors need to be visible on the Internet. There is little point having a website that doesn’t appear in the first 200 pages of a Google search for frequently searched terms. This is where the difference between a static website and a dynamic website can make a real difference to a business’ bottom line.

A static website consists of a number of separate web pages that are individually created and not produced in a database for managing the website. Any time a page is changed in a static website, someone needs to find the page, edit it using a webpage editor, make changes to any other pages implicated in the change and reload the all the pages – this takes time and is costly. And because many people are unsure of the process, they often pay a web savvy person to update pages – which becomes even more costly. The alternative of not updating content is not an option as search engines can assume it is a ‘dead’ site so it virtually disappears from view for organic searches and your potential clients.

Dynamic websites are produced by a content management system or database with template pages that are easily changed or otherwise manipulated without needing specific HTML knowledge. For many content management systems, changes are made or content added using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and simply clicking on ‘publish’.

Not only are dynamic websites easy to manage and therefore cost effective for ongoing maintenance, there are many free open source content management systems to produce dynamic websites to suit any business’ needs. Small to medium sized businesses as well as very large businesses (think the BBC in England) use open source software to run their websites. Whether you need a few pages or a thousand pages, your website can be dynamic (using open source software) and working for you as your business grows.

And because the business owner or a staff member can put up new content regularly, dynamic websites are cost effective to run and, importantly, search engines know that the site is ‘active’ and rank it highly for organic searches.

Bold Type specialises in helping businesses set up dynamic websites that are:

  • keyword content rich for search engine optimisation
  • designed to suit the business and look professional
  • put together by a professional web developer using the appropriate open source web application
  • include gallery pages that can be updated with little effort
  • include contact and request forms, internal search function, sign up for newsletters and specials and online shopping pages.

Our website designers and professional website developers can build your website ensuring that it has all the content needed to show your business in the best light and deliver on ROI. And because open source built websites are easy to use, you will save money down the track.

Email Bold Type today for an appraisal of your existing website or a quote for website design and development that will have your new website working for you 24/7.

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