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How to create a tri-fold brochure

Tri-fold brochures are a great way to sell your product or service. It’s the reason for the continued popularity of the tri-fold brochure, also known as a DL brochure. The six-sided layout of the tri-fold brochure fully utilises the space on the standard A4 paper size effectively presenting information in bite-size pieces. The content is

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What is a style guide and do I need one?

A style guide is a resource that helps anyone producing written text to maintain consistent styles for print and online publishing. A style guide outlines writing standards for structure, language, grammar and word use, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, use of italics, numbers, lists, tables and other elements of writing so that your written communications has consistency

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How to write a better essay

As an editor, I read many essays, university dissertations, theses and business documents. In spite of the many hours spent getting the words just right before they are sent to me for editing and/or proofreading it’s quite common to find structural flaws – flaws that can be as easily avoided as they can be corrected.

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