4 reasons you need a resumé editor

I bin all resumés with spelling errors. It’s one way I cull lots of resumés to get to those people who are serious about the job.

We put your resumé under the microscope to make sure it is error free

We put your resumé under the microscope to make sure it is error free

That’s what we hear from many recruitment managers.

Our resumé editing service can make the difference between you getting an interview or your resumé being relegated to the reject list.

When you get the interview, that’s when you need to show that you are the right person for the job. Firstly, you need your resumé edited by an experienced editor to help get you to the interview.

Why you need a resumé editor

You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time writing your resumé. It’s now the time to have your resumé edited to get rid of any errors, to make sure it has a clean resumé format and that the text flows without repetition.

What an experienced resumé editor can do

1. Correct typos, spelling and punctuation

A good editor will make sure your resumé is error free: no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. An error-free resumé will make sure that your resumé does not go straight to the bin and that you get to the next step in the job application process.

2. Create a consistent layout and design

A well-organised, well-presented resumé that looks great is more likely to be read by your prospective employer. A messy layout is indicative of someone who doesn’t really care whether they get the job or not.

If you are submitting your resumé in PDF form (from a Word document), layout is very important. For submission through an online resumé program, presenting the right content, error free is the most important factor.

3. Present information in your resumé in a logical way

How you set out the information on your resumé is as critical as what you say.

Start with your personal information at the top of page one followed by an overview of your relevant experience for the job.

Next list your work history in reverse chronological order, followed by other relevant information.

Your referees are the last part of your resumé although some people simply add a statement about supplying referee names at interview. If you have very good referees that will impress, add them.

Note: If you are going for a government or university job, you will need to write responses to the selection criteria. This is the main focus for government/university recruitment panels. You need to respond to selection criteria with the STAR method: situation, task, action, result.I

If you are having any difficulties writing your selection criteria responses, contact Susie Stevens for structural editing advice: 0410 037 635 or email Susie today.

4. Make sure there is no repetitive information

This relates to making sure you have the right information presented in a well-organised structure. Removing repetitive text will show that you are:

  • a clear thinker
  • professional
  • suitable for the job.

Get your resumé to stand out from the rest

Get your resumé to stand out from the rest – get it edited by a professional editor

Get your resumé to stand out from the rest – get it edited by a professional editor

Give your resumé the best chance of making it to the short list and taking you closer to the job that you are applying for.

There is no doubt that having your resumé edited will improve it substantially. You’ve spent time writing it – it is worthwhile having your resumé edited. It’s not costly and worth every penny. It can be the difference between writing yet more resumés for more jobs or getting the one you are applying for.

Don’t fail at the first hurdle. Call Susie Stevens today for a free quote for resumé editing: 0410 037 635 or email Susie with your details for your resumé to be edited.

More about resumé editor, Susie Stevens

Susie Stevens worked in career publishing for five years producing a series of career books for industries from law to education, from engineering to marketing. In this role, Susie became well versed in the different requirements of private and government recruitment practices. She can read your resumé through the eyes of your prospective employer to make sure that it has the best chance of getting you that interview.

Previously, Susie worked in government education publishing in Queensland (6 years) and New South Wales (6 years) and is well versed in the requirements for responding to selection criteria. (see information above about the importance of selection criteria in government and university jobs).

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