12 tips for writing content for a webpage

Clear writing is essential for webpage content

Clear writing is essential for webpage content

Writing content on a webpage? Check your text against these 12 tips.

  1. Content needs to be clear, concise and easy to read – that’s it.
  2. Headings and sub-headings need to be clear and mean something – avoid puns and other attempts at humour and forget clever – just make sure that headings explain the text that follows.
  3. More important information should be at the top of the page.
  4. Use simple sentence structures. More full stops rather than lots of connective words in any sentence. That’s it. You’ve got it.
  5. Paragraphs should also be concise – try to limit to 50 words.
  6. As with any good writing – one paragraph, one concept.
  7.   Think about the fold line on a webpage. Keeping content above the fold line avoids having to scroll down, down, down.
  8. Bullet point lists should be used – short, concise, easy to read (see no. 2)
  9. Include keywords and phrases and keep the content on the page focused on the main topic (don’t introduce five different topics on the one page unless it’s a landing page linking to other pages).
  10. Here’s another thing: add links to other webpages that relate to the same subject matter.
  11. Direct the language to the user. Write about features and benefits to the audience. Avoid brag-speak but keep it conversational.
  12. Add an image or two to break up text into easy to find ‘chunks’.

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